Flopping trips and facing a donk lead 5 ways.

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Flopping trips and facing a donk lead 5 ways.

Straddle pot (3-5-10)
$1k effective
Hero opens MP 7h6h $25
Goes 5 ways.
Flop ($125) Qc6c6d
Sb leads $45, I call MP, HJ calls.
Turn ($260) Qc6c6d4s
Sb $80, i call, HJ call.
River ($500) Qc6c6d4s3c
Sb X, hero $70, HJ fold. Sb calls.

On the river vs a check, Im just putting in small bet targeting Qx, folding to player behind me if he raises of course. Both players have wide ranges. Sb is capable of having hands as wide as Q8o here and HJ could show up with hands like 88 or maybe a hand like 8d7d that floated with bdfd and picked up a gut shot on the turn. I am not sure if I should be raising 5 ways facing a donk lead. I know exploitably for live poker I can bump it up and charge Qx and draws, but figured Qx only has 2 outs against me, so I don't need much protection.

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