Forced agression? Overbet shove OTR

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Forced agression? Overbet shove OTR

Hi guys,

Decided to post this hand, cause I am not sure about Villains range OTR.
After he checked I would cut his range into 3 categories:

  1. give ups: busted FDs, SDs and gutters (maybe an argument for a small sizing like 1/4pot or so)

  2. 9hXh type of hands which may call against a smaller sizing.

  3. strong Tx, but not all the time since Tx might just call the flop or check the turn, so probably only AT is a real canditate and rarely some boats and overpairs - only from these hands I would expect some resistance

Is the majority of his hands in category 1 and 2 or not?
Am I missing some hands which he can potentially have?

Villain is unknown

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