Getting Better at HU NL

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Getting Better at HU NL

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about a topic that's pretty important to anyone looking to maximize profits, playing hu vs recreational or bad players. I feel that this is probably the biggest source of profit in the game as you can have double digit bb/100 winrates vs these players. I know a lot of hu videos out there are about playing tough regs HU but I wanted to share something I've learned and have others share as well.

I feel that it all starts with learning what GTO is, then find where our opponent is deviating from GTO and find exploits. This can be done by creating a specific HU hud then finding where our opponent is leaking in different spots. For example if your opponent is betting flop a lot but not betting the turn we can float his cbet then bet the river profitably if we see he folds to river probes often. Or if he's bet folding too often we can check raise our bluffs then check call our good hands.

What are some other tips you guys have about beating bad players and exploiting leaks. Are there any good material that you recommend to improve your hu game vs these players. Any good books or videos here? Also what types of strategies do you use when trying to game select or reject. What threshold do you use to decide whether to play or not play someone? How about when you play on sites where there are no hu tables, when the bad player sits your table then 5 seconds later 2 regs are in position on him, do you continue to play or do you leave? I play in a small player pool so this often happens but there are times when hardly anyone is online then a random guy might sit you and you often can stack him within 10 minutes without reg interference. As far as career management how do you allow the wins to add up to consistent profit over time without giving money back to the better players or tilting it off? Hopefully this leads to a good discussion

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