Having nightmares

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Having nightmares

Live 2-5 - Texas Card House Dallas

2 action players limp ep like 2-3k eff

Perceived reg limp HJ 3k eff
Hero on bttn raUse KTdd to $35(meant 40 but misclicked/didn’t see 3rd limper)

All three call
Hero is 1.3k eff

Flop KhTc3d
Pot 147
Check to hero
I cbet 85(just going bigger here with two weak players; think the first one can call Any pair and gutter for this sizing, so think it’s good to size up.)

Both fish fold
HJ reg raises to $210

So yeah. Not an exciting spot, and not confident about planning future streets here.

Given how deep he is with the two fish, I’m thinking it’s possible he may raise all combos of QJ from the HJ even with two limps. Possible he does limp it however and overcall having position very deep with some pretty big spots. Not 100%, first day playing with him. He does have a 1k plaque, possible he plays pretty big. Also, IF he does have QJo in his limping range, does he raise it on flop when we are representing a strong range given our 60% cbet into a 4 way pot. Possible, since his raise will also look very strong. I don’t think we can entirely write off a the single combo of K3s, because he may justify a limp with it given his depth and how weak one of the players involved was. Same can be said for KTo. These games also don’t have a rake at the table so can see limping a bit more and seeing flops, especially with a deep punter, being possibly good.

So my interpretation is I prob gotta call flop and turn, and then evaluate river, but I can see myself folding river TBH, given at that point I think QJ would be ready to give up, and K3 may not even check raise 100% on flop, or even be played preflop. But all 3 combos of 33 will be there.


It just seems like such a sick spot because our RIO are really bad and his range is probably very narrow. It’s like yeah we are getting a good price on flop, but we have to factor in future streets where we will often be facing a bet. At this depth I think it’s an easy call given we have implied odds for hitting a K or a T, but without them, say at a shallower depth, it becomes quite dicey because we are not only facing a flop raise, but often a turn barrel as well, especially given how narrow his range is.

All in all, I guess just calling flop and turn is probably meritorious because otherwise we are saying the guy just never bluffs, and I can’t confidently say that.

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