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Heads up 5bet bluffing

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Heads up 5bet bluffing

My standard is to turn suited wheel aces into 5bet bluffs, and the occasional small pocket pair, and to obviously adjust based on game flow. After running equity in stove however, it seems that small pocket pairs do slightly better (about 5%) than A2-5s, assuming a call range of TT+ AQ+.

Obviously i can tinker around with villians call range, say exclude AQ, and then A2-5s does better, but it would seem incongruent that villian would call TT and not AQ.

Using combinatorics/math, I am also factoring in blocking potential of Axs when calculating equities, but it cannot makeup the 5% equity edge of 22-55. Also, another factor is that A2-5s block some of villians 4bet folding range.

Most training materials advise using Suited aces as well, but after doing some work on my own, iit seems that the slight edge may go to smaller pairs?

Once again I realize that you want to use a combination of both small pairs and suited aces, depending on villians call range, but what would be the Premium 5bet bluff hand in a vacuum?

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