HELP - light 3 betting is hurting my win rate?!?!!?

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HELP - light 3 betting is hurting my win rate?!?!!?

Seems like a stupid question with everything we learn here at rio. I play in a very recreational game where vpips range from 25-80 with PFR 8-15. The average stack is around $300-$800 in a $3/$5 game (60-160bb) with most being around $500. The average open is $20-$25, with more than 50% of the hands being limped pots. My question is with an open to $20 from EP and MP caller, is squeezing a hand like A4s or AJs profitable making it like $80. If hero gets 1 calller the pot will be $180 with around $420 effective, is playing these 2-3 SPR pots profitable with light 3 bets or is it better to try and keep SPR higher with these hands?

'From the Ground up' series with Peter Clarke, I am just getting to the 3 bet section, but in the pyramidal defense video he gives an example where UTG raises and hero calls on BTN with [66-JJ, AQ, 98s-KQs, AJ, KQ, KJs]. A lot of these hands recently I've been trying to 3 bet besides some of the smaller pairs or its a 5bb open I tend to just call or fold some of the weaker ones preflop. Based on this calling range 3bet range is QQ+ AK? My last 100-150 hours or so feels like I am burning money 3 betting light and getting heads up.

I try to 3 bet IP, use a sizing that will get heads up or everyone folds, use smaller cbet sizing 1/3 on dry boards, 3 bet with hands that flop good top pairs (AJ+ KQ+ TT+, suited broadways) given the SPR will be low with a mix of wheel aces and a very small sprinkle of 65s-76s if situation is correct. Before these last 100 or so hours I was winning 72% of my sessions this year, even higher last year, but seem to be taking a cliff dive recently only winning about 47% of my sessions the last 3 weeks.

What is your advice with 3 betting in live poker vs recreational (vpip 25-80, pfr 8-15)?

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