Help Understanding Frame-work for understanding when we can overcall

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Help Understanding Frame-work for understanding when we can overcall

This is an area in my game I lack confidence. Knowing when and why it is appropriate for us to play with speculative hands getting a good price.

An example from a game a few days ago to help illustrate

Game 1-3 Live
2 players limp ahead, both of which are very spashy/bad players VPIP'ing around 50% or more.
Hero has 76cc on Button and limps behind w $500 effective
SB raises to $25, covers table, and is an unknown guy who is drinking
2 limpers call
Action on Hero who calls

Basically, I'm unsure if this is a profitable call, which may sound crazy to some of you, but I genuinely don't understand. I'm trying to understand, if it is a profitable play to continue, why is this so?

76s suffers reverse implied odds in a multiway situation, and it's pairs likely do not hold much value post flop. Because our draws will be on a weak side and risk being dominated when facing too much aggression, there are times our draws are no good, and we are forced to fold postflop. We can probably apply pressure to the PFR when we flop a combo draw, but even a single caller to his initial aggression causes issues in that they can have draws to higher flushes/block our outs, and if the intial PFR has a strong range, he may not be willing to fold it with an SPR of 5.

If I had a hand like A6s, i'd be much more content calling preflop because we draw to nuts, cooler people, and can confidently apply pressure postflop as when we get played back at, we dont mind getting it in.

This is a situation where I repeatedly lack a full understanding, so please, enlighten me if you can :) This situation is a little special as the 2 limpers are especially atrocious, and maybe entice us to call a bit wider having position on them both, but think the concern still applies, but may be more relevant when players are slightly more aware.


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