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HU hand 1: KQ on Q43r vs big x/r

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HU hand 1: KQ on Q43r vs big x/r

BB: 1611.49
SB: 1236.91 (Hero)
Preflop (15) (2 Players)
Hero was dealt Q K
Hero raises to 20, BB raises to 80, Hero calls 60
so vilain wanted to HU, he play nl400 & 1k sometimes, not a fish but not a reg, he's too passive, and does weird stuff, like 4bet shove all in 22 at 100bb deep

on HU, he is 72/58, (open 88%, def BB 30% call, 27% 3bet) and quite passive postflop (agg 33/27/20), cbet 50% flop, never saw him bluff river so far on ~150hands (but a played him HU a while ago, so maybe this HH happens after 50 hands today)

so preflop seems standard, saw him 3bet J2s, so i think calling is better than 4betting (+dont want to be shoved)
Flop (175) 4 Q 3 (2 Players)
BB checks, Hero bets 74.49, BB raises to 381.97, Hero calls 307.48
so he cbet like 40% on 8 times on 3b pot, so the check doesn't surprise me, i like my flop bet

and then he x/r a lot, quite fast, i think shoving here is quite bad, i want him to continue bluffing like A2/A5/56, but i loose to AQ/KK/AA/33/44, maybe he has sometimes Q4s/Q3s

so what do we do?

+if you fold KQ, do you call AQ? KK?
+if you call KQ, do you fold QJ? JJ?
Turn (938.94) 4 Q 3 T (2 Players)
BB bets 1149.52, and is all in, Hero calls 774.94, and is all in
seems a call after the call flop; no sense to fold here, it's a flop decision

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