If we should bet or check in position

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If we should bet or check in position

Hi guys

I have been working on my game a lot recently and looking into the math behind some of the theory. Really interesting stuff. While I realise I do not need to understand everything to beat lower limits, its somthing I enjoy doing.

I was looking at hand earlier and I was trying to decide if I should be betting it, or checking it and giving up. I was trying to figure out the maths behind how much of my range I need to bet, in order to not lose money immediately. So how do we construct this range?

I need to construct a range of value and bluffs but I am not sure how to do this. The hand in question was:

Jd8h on a Th2h2c flop.

I think we must start by looking at my opening range from the button, then deciding how much of that I am betting for value. The question is how much do I need to bet in order to not be exploited?

Am I right in thinking, we must make the opponent indifferent to calling? In that if we bet 0.75 pot, if the opponent folds more than 58% of the time, we immediately profit. So we must look at constructing a range of 58% of our preflop opening range?

Im almost certain this can be solved if we plug in some assumptions, but Im just a little lost at this point.


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