Interesting hand - can we explo calling this river?

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Interesting hand - can we explo calling this river?

Hello, after going through my hand history, analyzing... saw this pretty interesting hand.
I think up to the river is it somewhat standard.
After he checked the turn I expect some worse Ax, but I suppose to he would bet with the vast majority of them just for protection and value. Also see a lot of air which he just gave up.
Since I checked back, I also dont have that much Ax, but even Kx, so my range on the river is pretty weak, mainly low pairs.
The important question is if villain also knows that we are lets say capped on low pairs? ( I think yes)

I know that bet check bet is pretty underbluffed line, but if exists some exceptions, I think this might be one of them, since villain has plenty of bluffs and not much value (trips).

(no info on villain, lets calculate with standard reg)

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