Interesting preflop 4b sizing? 50NL

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Interesting preflop 4b sizing? 50NL

Hero raise UTG 7 handed to 3bb, HJ TAG calls 100bb, Bttn reraises to 9 BB playing TAG stats 95bb
SB cold calls w 82bb playing Loose Passive
Action on Hero.

What kind of Preflop 4Bet sizing do you use here? I assume 4betting is better than flatting because of the presence of the loose passive. But maybe calling is an okay option as well. I just stick it in given there is 25bb in the middle preflop, but it does seem kinda strange given the bttn has only committed 10% of his stack up to this point, so he can continue pretty straightforwardly and not worry much. Given the presence of the SB cold call however, I suppose we are taking advantage of this by shoving here and maximizing fold equity/hero calls. Without the fish present, I would lean more towards a call.

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