JhTh facing a squeeze (20bb) with 100bb effective.

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JhTh facing a squeeze (20bb) with 100bb effective.

SB earlier in the session has been making large squeezes with his JJ-AA region, so I believe his smaller 3 bets are closer to AJs-AK hands, some KQ as well. Pretty aggro player. Older Asian guy, seems to be pretty squeeze happy, but mostly showing down pretty strong hands. Given my read of AJs-AK+ and pot likely to go MW is J10s too light to peel preflop here?

$3/$5 8 handed / Semi aggro table dynamics with $35 (7bb) sizings going 4-5 way frequently. Not a large number of 3 bets besides the BB above.

UTG+1 ($700) open $20
Hero MP1 ($550) calls $20
Mp2 calls $20
HJ ($1k) calls $20
BTN ($280) calls $20
SB ($2k) raises to $100
BB ($100) cold calls all in $100
UTG1 folds
Hero calls $80
BTn calls $80.
Four ways.

Flop ($460) 9c7h4s
SB checks, BB already all in $100 preflop, hero checks, btn jams $180 all in. SB folds. Hero ?

$180 to win $640. BTN is extremely wide recreational player, capable of having just about anything here. He will have some 65s (despite no side pot), 75s, A7o, T8s, etc.

I am getting 3.55 : 1 so need about 22% equity. I think this is mandatory call given the pot odds right? Given I do beat some of BTN bluffs and have decent equity against his 7x and 9x region.

Typically I would say if BB did not cold call preflop, this would just be a standard fold given the stack depth for me. I am not really worried about being back raised by players behind. I just figured I am going to be gambling in a 1 SPR type pot. Also if my read wasn't on point for BB range, where he could have more QQ+ in his range here, I would also fold. Just a sizing tell I picked up on.

Please share your thoughts on this ugly hand =P

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