JJ facing a 8bb open

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JJ facing a 8bb open

$2/$3/$5 nine handed
2 folds
Mp1 ($345) opens $40
Mp2 folds
HJ ($1500) calls $40
Hero CO ($500) JJ calls $40

Flop ($130) 8h5s5c
MP1 bets $100
HJ calls $100
Hero all in $460

Mp1 older Asian lady can have all pairs here and AQs AK KQs etc. She raises big with most PP and strong broadway hands and usually fires a Cbet. HJ has been Loose aggro preflop and making some moves postflop. I am thinking I need some protection against the lady, if she has QQ+ so be it, but can get a lot of value from here 66, 77, 88-TT region. The HJ can have a lot of 97s, 86s, A8o, etc here. Yes, even for $40 open he has wide calling range. In terms of 5x he can have some A5s, 75s, 54s, and 65s. He is more likely to have 5x than anyone else in this spot, but it's hard to flop trips.

I am not sure if I should be 3 betting this vs a 8bb open because of the dead money in the middle or flat calling and avoid a flip / being crushed when lady stacks off. If I were to 3bet here, what would be best size given her stack size? I also want to deny HJ pot odds here. How do you play JJ preflop and postflop in this spot?

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