KQ Trips on the river after x/r turn

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KQ Trips on the river after x/r turn

Villan 90bb stack unknown

Hero CO opens 2.5bb with KQo
Villain SB calls 2.5bb
BB folds

Pot 6bb - Flop Qh2c8s
V check, Hero bets 3bb - V calls.

Turn 6c - Pot 12bb
V check, Hero bets 9bb - Villain raises 24bb - Hero calls.

River (pot 60bb)
Qs (Qh2c8s6cQs)

Scenario 1 - Villain shoves remaining 60bb of his stack into a 60bb pot. - Hero ?
Scenario 2 - Villain checks - Hero bets (how much? / shove?) - or check behind ?

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