KT8tt flop OOP as PFR

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KT8tt flop OOP as PFR


Hero raise LJ to 3bb AsJh
Bttn call Bttn

100BB stacks

Flop KTcc8d

I find this spot difficult. I think flatting ranges vary quite a bit, and I imagine this is going to deviate our strategy quite a bit. I had a situation like this pop up at the end of my session last week, and realized I was essentially guessing what to do, without a clear mental representation of how this interacts with my range and his range.

Of course, I need to do some PIO solves against different ranges to paint a better picture, but it is also helpful to just hear people's thoughts on a situation like this.

Before really thinking about this situation, I think I was playing this flop more as a check with this hand, and likely C/Cing a hand like this, and doing some bluffs on later streets or just trying to show my hand down. I thought we would have alot of more in general and would want to be splitting our range to some degree.

Before even running the sim, I was just toying with stuff in Flopzilla, and I discovered that AJ no club on this texture, facing a reasonable sized bet, likely doesn't even have the EV to call OOP, which was kinda a shocker to me, and made me realize it's a situation I have probably been playing wrong

It made me really consider where a hand like this fits into my strategy, and how it has a lack of showdown/equity against varying parts of my opponents range, which is likely pretty strong/condensed. Betting Flop/Turn for 1/3 isn't really something I understand. Well, betting flop sort of makes sense, as it puts pressure on his low underpairs, and Ax no club hands. But why is PIO choosing such an aggressive 1/3 turn sizing? I suppose it allows it to bet 2nd pair type hands this way. But wouldn't that take value from the stronger parts of our range?

It may be the case that our in game turn strategy will want to have more than 1 sizing however, after we nodelock. I think alot of people will not have the slow plays that PIO is having, and opt not to have much flats with 88/KT/TT type of hands. Which might make implementing a large turn option at least some of the time, if not a lot, encouraging us to do some more checking with second pair/weak top pair to have a check/call strategy, and then go bigger/thinner against a more capped range.

Just a spot I found uncomfortable/interesting, wondering if anyone has anything else to add to the discussion.

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