Line Check with AQo oop

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Line Check with AQo oop

$1/$2 Bovada 6Max NL

CO opens to $7 (no reads)
I flat in SB with As Qh. My flatting range here is ~ AQ-AJo, AJs-ATs, KQs-KJs, QJ, TT-88

BB folds.

Flop: Js 6s 6d

I check, CO bets $10 into $13.

I end up calling. Thoughts? My value raising range is pretty limited here because I have no 6s in my range and wouldn't be raising a plain J. That's why I opted to call instead of check-raise with my 2 overs, ace high, bd flush/straight.

Turn Ah

I check, CO bets $24 into $38. I call.

River 2s

I check, CO bets $26 into $82

Hero? I would think this is the bottom of my calling range. With the As blocker, it reduces his flush combos. I just don't know what he would ever bluff with this small of a bet and most of his value has AQ beat.

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