Live 1-2 squeeze or not to squeeze

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Live 1-2 squeeze or not to squeeze

Utg old Asian man limps covering hero for 100bb

Young guy in town for spring training posted in HJ and raises to $7 w 75bb, he’s been chatty w me and is friendly. I did 3bet him a few hands ago button vs co and he folded.

I have A8hh on co and looks like button is gonna fold. Sb and Bb and both loose passive spots.

I assume the Pfr might call a lot, but play straightforward postflop. Calling is def positive, but thinking it may be better to just play a linear 3b range and really hammer in the reraises. I play at a room with no rake preflop, so think that is a significant factor when we get folds preflop as well.

Main question here is, is 3betting just so ultra profitable that we should reraise pretty aggressively with our linear range rather than flat and play in a 3-5 way flop?

We get to avoid rake w a reraise, and prob can cbet and barrel pretty effectively.

On the other hand, we can call and see a flop ip (as button looks like is going to fold)

I guess this hand can really go into a mixed category, but given the specific circumstances, flatting could be preferred as we have absolute position, and when button looks like he wants to continue, a reraise could be in order to isolate hu in position. Or we could just 3b to isolate hu.

Initially i thought I’d trend towards a reraise being my preferred play, but actually think I like flatting here w A8s, and then prob going ahead w a reraise from A2s-A5s, having less showdown and making less good pairs

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