Live 1-3 faciing raise from SS closing action multiway

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Live 1-3 faciing raise from SS closing action multiway

Unknown guy in mid 30's makes it $15 and has $45 after his initial raise from UTG 2
loose passive older guy w $200 calls in MP
Seemingly fishy passive guy calls in CO w $400 stack
Hero is on BB w A2cc covering

This is live 1-3
I think we just fold given the low SPR with the initial raiser, and him likely having a strong range that dominates us pretty bad? i mean we are getting 3:1. and the cold callers have some money behind. However, its going to be hard to make the SS guy fold when we flop a FD and he bets and gets called(making our fold equity poorer, so we actually have to make hands more often)

It's also hard to win when we flop an A or a 2. Had he made it slightly bigger id for sure fold preflop, but not sure at this sizing. My brain says just fold, not being sure how we are going to make back enough, but my guy just says call. I would prob call a 12-13$ raise, and then treat $14 at about the same as this. any bigger I would just pitch.

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