Live $10/$20+ games

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Live $10/$20+ games

I am looking for some advice from players who have played and crushed live $10/$20+ NLHE games.
I am a live pro from London and have been playing (and beating) £2/£5 mainly with about 3500 hours live experience (nothing online).
I am going to spend another few months here in London and improve my game a lot more and then travel around to play
bigger games, $10/$20, $25/$50 etc (and hopefully even bigger provided things go well)
So there is a couple of things I would like advice on:

Whats the best place where these games are run on regular basis and which are grindable as well. i have recently been to vegas and played some 10/20 and found it really good but i don't know if its the same situation off-wsop season. Ideally I would like a comparison between Vegas/LA and Macau in terms of what are the biggest nlhe games they run on and off season so I can plan my travel accordingly and have realistic expectations.

I also need advice on improving my game so when I actually move up the stakes in few months, I have a better shot at beating the game.
Looking at my local game 2/5 currently, you can basically stay out of regs way, target the recreational and beat the game with a decent winrate without much balance required. But I expect this is not going to work in higher stakes so I need advice on what is the best way to approach working/improving my game. I have never played online and wonder if should start doing that ?
I have reading list of 1%, Application of nolimit, Intelligent poker player and hopefully MOP by Bill Chen
So I am looking for advice on where should my focus be in the order of priority among playing online, watching videos, coaching from online (or live ?) players etc ?

Thanks in advance !

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