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Live 1/2: Wondering what best line is.

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Live 1/2: Wondering what best line is.

So I recently played a live 1/2 hand where I got into a tricky spot. Admittedly I should have folded pre with this hand, but I had been playing very tight up until this point and there were no strong players at the table, so I got a bit fresh. Anyway, the action went like this:

Hero in HJ, ~90bb: Opens $7 with Jh4h
Villain (old Asian man) in CO, ~100bb: calls $7
BB (white man in his 30s w/ shortstack of ~40bb): calls $7
(Pot $22)

Flop: Qc 5s 3h

BB checks, Hero bets $10, CO calls $10, BB folds
(Pot $42)

Turn: 6h

Hero bets $30, CO raises to $85, Hero?

  1. I'll stop here because the turn is the main decision point. I was done with the hand after being called on the flop, but then I turned a FD + OESD. I decided to barrel pretty large because a) I picked up a bunch of equity, and b) I have next to no SD value, so x/c seems really bad. But in hindsight I'm not sure how much fold equity I have, given that villain's got a decent amount of Qx here, and his other hands like 77, 65s, 76s, and Ax wheel draws won't fold.

  2. Villain's raise is for like half his stack, and calling another $55 would leave me with only about $70 behind. But I don't think jamming is good since he's got no bluffs in this spot, and I'd be getting it in bad. At least by flatting and seeing river I can save myself $70 if I brick. Plus I only need like 25% to call, which I'm more than getting.


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