Live $2-5, Bottom two OOP

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Live $2-5, Bottom two OOP

Hero starts $420 and is effective stack.
Villain1, bad passive reg, mostly tight but will overplay hands often and chase draws.
Villain2, loose passive reg, decent post flop player but can be splashy

Hero opens 20 in MP with 67ss
Both villains call in CO and BTN, everyone else folds.
Flop Q67r (none of my suit)
Hero leads 20
Vil1 raises to 60
Vill 2 calls 60
Hero raises to 220
Vil1 call 220.
Vil 2 call 220.
Turn Ah (brings bdfd)
Hero all in for 180.

Thoughts on my line? Vil1 range is heavily weighted towards AQ here imo so I really hate this turn card. She is passive and will rarely 3bet preflop so QQ-AA are also in her range sometimes. Vil2 can also have AQ, and will show up with 89s and 45s here. Should I be check calling? Check folding seems out of the question with this pot being so big and these players being weak. That being said, I'm not finding many hands I'm beating on the turn. Thanks.

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