live midstakes 4bpot early Position

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live midstakes 4bpot early Position

Hey guys,

Lets assume the following situation. We play a live midstakes Game, 8 handed, 200bb deep effective. We open 3bb from UTG and get 3bet to 9bb by UTG1, following a 4bet from us to 28.5bb, a bit on the larger side since we are oop and deep.

What is our 4bet range and why?
What is Villains call-4b-range and why?

He calls our 4bet and we go to a flop of

Qs Jh 8s,

what strat do you propose? SPR at this moment is roughly 3:1, the pot is 58.5bb and we have 170bb behind. I have done some work on this and will provide some insight later, if anyone is interested.


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