Live mult way sitch

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Live mult way sitch

Live 1-2

I'll put two small hands here


7 handed
Hero raise 77cs to $8 covering MP
Older passive guy on left cold calls w $140 (prob a reasonably wide range of like 30%+)
Unknown Button calls w $300(have sense he is on the splashier side; hes 30's, white, likely has money)
SB super duper wide range calls who is kinda a actiony player. $200

Flop 665cch
Pot = $30
SB checks
should we place a small bet here for thin value/protection holding the 7c in hand, or just check to pot control and maybe bluff catch/evaluate action that unfolds? I dont have a solid read on button, but just intuition that maybe hes out of line given demographics and it being 1-2. I can see a 1/3 flop bet being pretty reasonable, but also a flop check. I just dont like the idea of checking and letting potential passive players realize their equity.

Hand #2

Actiony player raises to $7 MP with what I suspect a reasonably narrow range including things like KQo, AJo, ATs+, 66+, QJs, KJs, JTs, and then maybe a few other things mixed in like A9s.$200 eff

Hero flat 77 HJ $300 eff
Bttn calls w $150 eff and a wide range, prob including things like 89o+, 22-TT etc

Flop T66r
Pot = $20
PFR checks

Basically, im wondering if I should be placing a bet here. I checked in hand thinking that PFR can be checking some overpairs, 88-TT, some Tx, and the player behind can have some Tx. But in hindsight, I kind of like the idea of betting like $8 here to deny equity from the bttn, and the PFR when he has a hand like KQo, AK, AQ. I think we might even get value quite often from a hand like AK or AQ or AJ. So actually yeah, I think it does make sense to make a small flop bet and then check back turn, and evaluate river(more than likely folding to a bet most often)

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