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Live preflop adjustments

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Live preflop adjustments

Hey! I’ve playing quite a lot of 1/1 $ live recently which is the lowest stake available at my local casino, and man people are so incredibly loose preflop and often passive as well.

1) When I open raise to 4x people kinda see it as a cheeky little joke and most of the time I get atleast 4-5 callers depending on how many players are left to act of course. Against limps I go 6x + 1 for each additional limper and often get very many callers as well (absolutely ridiculous calling freqs compared to theory).

So I feel like I should go bigger preflop? But the thing is that I only buy in for 100bb so going bigger feels dumb, I feel like I’m already going bigger than theory, but I believe it’s the correct exploit? Thoughts?

2) How should my range change when going bigger? I guess tightening up and going for playability ie folding hands such as KTo and choosing PPs and suited hands instead?

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