Matt Janda Ranges from Applications of NLH book

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Matt Janda Ranges from Applications of NLH book

Hi guys,

So I've just started reading Janda's original book, Applications of NLH. I was wondering how relevant/useful the ranges in this book are for a current 6 max zoom game? They are made based on some fairly incorrect assumptions imo like the average open being 3.5x and to me they seem way too tight in a few areas.

Like it's flatting just 8% from BB vs an UTG raise. Only flatting 28% from BB v a Button raise but it does 3b 17.5% so the overall defend is probably decent there. Also it wants to flat hands from SB vs a button open that I'm not sure are +EV especially in games vs decent regs which these ranges are meant to be for. Think you're going to get squeezed a lot or just have a very easy to identify range in that spot.

So yeah how good/bad are these ranges, have things moved on since this book was published?

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