Monotone Texture OOP vs Reg

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Monotone Texture OOP vs Reg

Hero raise HJ to 3bb w KJhh w 100bb stacks
Reg cold calls CO w 100bb stacks

Goes headsup
Pot = 7.5bb

Hero checks
CO checks

Turn 7h

I imagine a CO flatting range to be something like KTs, QTs, JTs, AJs, KQs, AQo, T9s, ATs, KJs, QJs, 55-99, some 22-44....

Once the flop checks through, I guess his range looks something like 44, 55, 66, 99, some QT, QJ, KQ, and AQ. Think top pair can reasonably check back not expecting 3 streets, and wanting to pot control against some of my C/Rs. I would have to guess most flushes do not check back flop, but wouldn't discount it entirely.

So, after the flop checks thru, I guess we are most likely up against a capped range, and we are mostly uncapped given I will check this flop alot(maybe even pure). So overbetting turn seems to be a reasonable option going to the turn. Hands that make the most sense to do so would probably be AsTx, flushes, maybe some AQ ourselves. As far as using some smaller bets, I guess hands like QT or QJ could do some of this, alongside some sets/low flushes (to protect from capping our own range). And even doing some checking with the weakest Qx anticipating 1 clean street of value, and allowing us to bluff catch turns/value bet rivers and more effectively bluff some hands like this one on the river, if the turn checks thru as well.


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