nl200 floped world and coudn't get away

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nl200 floped world and coudn't get away

MP reg,BB huge rec (59/25)
MP tag on a tigher side 23/18 3b 8%; CB 60% vs 2 50% and so on. Not many hands ~500h Aggr quite low and wwsf normal

My SB flatting range something like PP, some suited broadways KQo/AQo, touch of SC and I guess all suited aces which didn't 3bet.


Flop decided to raise, was not rolled enough for donk. Not sure if BB was aggressive behind me postflop.
Turn is quite bad for my hand and not the best for my range either, checking some sets and flushes.

His range??? I'd say he shoudn't bet flop a lot and can fold pretty much everything without club or A5hh.

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