NL200 Tricky spot with nut flush on paired board

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NL200 Tricky spot with nut flush on paired board

BN: $421.22
SB: $211.90
BB: $200
UTG: $233.75
LJ: $214.32
HJ: $201
CO: $217.88 (Hero)
Preflop ($3.00) (7 Players)
Hero was dealt J K
UTG raises to $5, LJ folds, HJ folds, Hero calls $5, BN folds, SB folds, BB folds
Sometimes 3betting, Sometimes calling.
Flop ($13.00) 7 A 5 (2 Players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $8, UTG calls $8
Betting with the nuts
Turn ($29.00) 7 A 5 A (2 Players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $20, UTG raises to $64, Hero calls $44
When I get check/raised I find it hard to put villain on that many boats since he would have played sets/2p differently on the flop? But then again what bluffs does he have here? I guess he can be doing it with worse flushes and maybe trips although that line feels very bad?
River ($157.00) 7 A 5 A 9 (2 Players)
UTG bets $102.05, Hero calls
Once I call the turn I guess I'm almost always calling the river but villains low river agr% and villains bet sizing makes me wonder. Then again the nut flush is pretty high in my range. I'm not always calling 55 in these positions and usually not A7s, A9s and A5s so that leaves some rare random boats, 77 and the rest flushes and trips.

Bonus question: What's villains range?

Bonus question 2: What's villains exact hand ( I called)

INFO ON VILLAIN: Villain is a Reg that is kind of non orthodox. He plays exploitably and does things like 4bet shove 77 in SB vs BB etc.

This is a fullring table and almost all stats are from FR. Relevant stats on villain..


Open UTG: 18%

Cbet Flop: 35%

Check/Fold flop when didn't cbet: 63%

CR Flop: 8%

CR Turn: 11%

Flop Agr%: 33

Turn Agr%: 29

River Agr%: 22

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