nl200z hard situation vs rec

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nl200z hard situation vs rec

Blinds: $1.00/$2.00 (6 Players) BN: $209.47
SB: $332.06
BB: $205.45
UTG: $201.00 (Hero)
MP: $242.45
CO: $291.48
Preflop ($3.00) Hero is UTG with J A
Hero raises to $4.00, MP raises to $10.00, 4 folds, Hero raises to $35.00, MP calls $25.00
Flop ($73.00) 7 8 J
Hero checks, MP bets $70.25

MP Rec, decide to go for 4bet for value vs his size, flat seems reasonable as well. Expect to be doing quite good vs his continuing range

Flop is fine, not the best one of course but happens. Don't mind checking very often there and my hand will go to checking range, and he started to boom (this is pot size, because of rake it looks like this)

Vs that size I dont like jamming since I'm flipping vs his one flush card draws and vs his 2 pairs +(no that I think he has 2 pairs, mostly sets/flushes/straight?) my equity very low. Calling feels super ugly, since I dont see good scenarios where I win by check-down or make big +EV herocall (I can see him possible having QT-AT type of stuff, but hard to reach showdown)

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