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NL5 SB Open TT facing BB 3bet

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NL5 SB Open TT facing BB 3bet

Hero opens SB to 3bb with TT, BB 3bet to 9bb. What should we do? In theory (looking at zenith preflop sims) TT is pure 4bet. But this is assuming BB is 3betting a lot more merged and balanced range than 5nl population. So if we assume BB is 3betting more polarized (and balanced) range, does our pure 4bet with TT become pure call, since if we 4bet we are just getting folds by A5 K6 type hands and play postflop oop vs 2 overcards or vs JJ QQ?
Next question is: if we assume BB is now 3betting more polar range than the solver suggestes and is value heavy, still having decent amount of bluffs but not enough, can we fold TT?

This is BB 3bet range from my database (not including me being BB) https://gyazo.com/b488dd88184ec574e35b6a28a641e0c8

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