NL50z line check with overpair OOP in 3bet pot

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NL50z line check with overpair OOP in 3bet pot

Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (6 Players) BN: $40.90
SB: $117.54 (Hero)
BB: $50.00
UTG: $78.50
MP: $90.76
CO: $50.00
Preflop ($0.75) Hero is SB with Q Q
UTG raises to $1.19, 3 folds, Hero raises to $6.00, BB folds, UTG calls $4.81
Flop ($12.50) 8 J 7
Hero bets $7.00, UTG calls $7.00
Turn ($26.50) 8 J 7 5
Hero checks, UTG bets $16.50, Hero folds
Final Pot UTG wins $25.18
Rake is $1.32

I think the turn fold is standard. i have no outs to improve against his valuerange and it is a spot where i think he has very few bluffs if any. villain is a fun player running 32/19 over small sample, but he does fold reasonably to 3bet so his range should be narroved down somewhat. he snap calls flop and shap fires turn when i Check. i would assume his most likely holding is a pair + draw that got there OTT, KJ, or AJhh. Or maybe T9hh . he would i presume raise sets on such wet board, although with this stats maybe he just calls them. Anyway i dont block anything in his value range at all

Looking at it afterwards, i think my range want to check this flop almost always. Villain can have all sets, and str8, and we can only really have overpairs and maybe top set. But my actual hand wants protection and i do have the best hand OTF often, so i think maybe it is close between betting and checking on the flop?

As always appreciate input and insights


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