Nodelocked Preflop range vs Fish, BVB 3Bet spot.

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Nodelocked Preflop range vs Fish, BVB 3Bet spot.

hey I am struggling with this spot.

As you can see, in terms of GTO, BB 3bet w polarized range on this spot and BB also 4Bet aggressively with polarized one.
Let's assume practically on this spot. SB is rec. And his RFI range is kinda same with reg's one. But SB would defend more passively and 4Bet less with linear range, how BB range would change?

Less 4Bet from SB -> BB would 3Bet much linearly because BB could see flop IP more often?
More linearly 4Bet from SB -> BB wider defense vs 4Bet? Some JJ/even QQ would flat? It depends on how linear SB's range is, tho.

If anyone has a preflop solver, I would appreciate it if you could nodelock this spot and analyze it.

All comments are welcome.

Thanks :)

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