Playing AA in position. Poker Live - Harsh hand.

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Playing AA in position. Poker Live - Harsh hand.

Guys, I would like your opinion about this hand.

This casino has 10 people tables and blinds are 1.25 usd / 2.50 usd. sitting with 100 big blinds max.

I'm sitting in the button (position 6 on the table) with poket AdAh and almost 100BB. Position 9 and 10, 1 folds and position 2 (regular tournament player with experience) raises to 2.5BB (which is low for this casino), position 3 folds and position 4 calls. Position 5 folds and now it's my turn to raise. I decided to go for a strategy of light raise to 8BB since I'm raising a wide range of cards in position. Position 2 thinks for a short while and decides to call. Position 4 insta calls (recreational player, less than 40BB).

Board is pretty nice Ks5c3c. Double check to me and I bet 8BB. Position 2 tanks and decides to go for a raise to 21BB. Position 4 insta folds. I think the range this player can have and my conclusion is that since he is a tournament player and the pot odds, he might be having a wide range of suited connectors, and he could also be holding pocket fives (maaaaaybe pocket 3). It is important to clarify that it is a common practice also to not 4bet KK when playing against a single raiser with no call to 3bets so, he won't have all KK's but he could have a smaller frecuency of those too. In summary, in my eyes, we are facing bluffs with good equity or we are pretty down.

After this analysis I decided to call and see how he reacts to the turn which was a Ts.
He fires again 32BB, leaving behind only 36BB afterwards. I can see that he will fire the river no matter what card we see and leaving me no room to make those flush draw fold either. So I decided to call again.

River is the 4c. He raises all in immediately. Seeing that the 4 of clubs completes all flush draws, I think I'm beating absolutely nothing with my red ases. I would say here the right move is to fold and save those blinds left (32BB in my stack) but, even though the bot odds are great, I see not enough bluffs to pay.


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