Pluribus the six max AI

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Pluribus the six max AI

Was reading about and watching some videos on 'Pluribus' the six max Ai. Won $1k an hour, which I am guessing is 10-12bb/100 over 10,000 hands with 100bb effective to start each hand. It uses 3x pot pretty often and check raises large like 4.7x with some TPGK hands. Would be nice to see a video on some of the HH from Pluribus that introduces some new bet sizing into the poker realm. Below is the youtube link of a poker channel I follow, that did a couple hands from Pluribus using PIO to analyze it. If you have any HH that you saw from this Ai please share them here. Looking forward to learning the new bet sizes like 3x pot and how to balance it correctly.

six max 50/100
3 folds
btn opens $250 (2.5bb)
sb folds
Pluribus defends QsJh BB.

Flop (550) Qd-9h-7c
BB check
BTN cbet 400
BB calls.

turn ($1350) Qd-9h-7c-2s
check x2

River($1350) Qd-9h-7c-2s-3d
BB QsJh checks
Btn $675
BB check raises to $4725 a hefty 7.0 x raise.

Given pot odds $4,050 to win $6,750 which hands in your range are you supposed to call with in this spot? Also which hands actually get to this river with a bet-check-bet line?

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