Polarized w flats or R/F in soft games?

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Polarized w flats or R/F in soft games?

So I’ve talked to a couple people I respect who have differing opinions. I’m referring to live 2-5 and smaller games where the normal open size is 3-4x, sometimes bigger, and there is almost always a weak player in the blinds.

Say for example co or HJ raise and you’re on the button with a hand like AQ and the Pfr is a reasonable player

Basically, I’ve come around to prefer 3betting in this spot, wanting to play more heads up pots, collect dead money preflop, and also have an uncapped range, even with weak players in the blinds. One of my friends mirrors this

My other friend I respect however disagrees, and thinks that using a polarized range is better, and flatting some stuff to “keep the fish in the pot” is superior.

Writing this out, I’m actually starting to think that having a flatting range is a good idea, as we can choose other hands to 3b, which allows us to play more hands profitably.

I think it’s quite common for people to play R/F in aggressive online environments, but in softer pools, even with bigger PFR sizes, does anyone see anything wrong with having a polarized range to keep in weak players with hands like AJ or AQ, and then choosing to reraise hands that are deemed too weak to continue with a call?(say 98s, or A3s)

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