Preflop approach Nick Howard vs The Rest

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Preflop approach Nick Howard vs The Rest

Hi guys! Recently i spoke with my friend who was in Howard's CFP program 2-3 years ago. Generally what i found out is that Nick suggested to call a lot for example BTN vs CO with hands like QTo and A8s about 15-20% range basically it's because players cbet flop, x/f turn a lot. I tried this out and it seems not working i ended up with -16bb/100 winrate. Games are different than 2-3 years ago or it requires like 10 000 sample size with CC on the button? Or maybe i dont float often enough.

From the other hand there's a trend to not have cold call range and only 3bet. I tried this too and im winning 66bb/100 with JJ+, AK excluded.

What kind of approach do you use and what is your winrate? Is Howard's approach outdated?

Is there any science about rake inpact? Is it worth to cold call because weak players will cover losses caused by rake?

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