Preflop Strategy Rake$5/$10 and $10/$20 Live ?

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Preflop Strategy Rake$5/$10 and $10/$20 Live ?

Hello visiting Los Angeles for a little while. I went to the casino, and I saw the massive amounts of rake taken out of the pot. Since I'm not sure about all of the casinos, I think it's safe to say that they are taking $7 out of every single pot. We can say 30 hands an hour. It may actually be more like they take out $6 on average, or $5 50. With that being the case, they are taking $180 off the table per hour in rake. That doesn't account for various tips or anything either and sometimes there's a dollar jackpot which goes back to the players and maybe you shouldn't, but maybe you should count that as rake. Let's assume there is $600 per 100 hands that is taken off of the table. There are 9 players of the table. At $3 / $5, that is 14 BB / 100 At $5 / $10, that is 7 big Blinds / 100. At $10 / $20, that is 3.5 BB / 100.

I'm very familiar with the optimal defending ranges with a 6bb / 100 rake structure, and a 3bb/100 rake structure with preflop raise sizes between 2X and 3 X. I'm not familiar with how to defend against 4X, and 5X come in 4.5 x open sizes. I also don't really know how to quantify how much my skill Edge being from an online background and it made mid-stakes will change the expected value of certain hands preflop from an optimal opponent simulations were based off of. In addition to that, I see a lot of people using very large preflop sizes. In 6 max I've seen simulations where we really shouldn't be opening more than 13% from EP if we choose a 3X raisee sizing. I don't think this is too applicable for these games, but I would really love to get some ideas on what some strong players believe or good strategies for live poker etcetera.

1. Whats optimal raise and preflop sizing in these games?
(People dont 3bet enough. 4bet enough, call way too wide etc, allow us to realize a lot more equity)

  1. How do we defend in BB vs various raise sizes and quantify our skill edge

(say K3s is a fold vs 20% rfi 3x raise size against an optimal opponent with 6bb/100 rake, where do we find the threshold and quantify our skill difference.)

  1. Does the fact they take $6 on thr flop rather than take a % than cap it off change our strategy much, and if so how?

  2. What are good strategies for IP cold calls/3bets when they rfi 4x, 5x, etc

  3. Anyone have ideas on winrates for these games for a 3-4bb/100 winner at 200nl zoom pokerstars.

  4. Anyone have any good links or sites to learn about transitioning from online to live?
    (I have been thinking of spending half the year in the United States, and it seems like my hourly would be significantly High and a casino. Does anybody have any experience with moving from online to live?)
    Thank you very much, any responses are appreciated

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