SB vs BB 3bet Flop Strategy Write Up

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SB vs BB 3bet Flop Strategy Write Up

SB vs BB 3bet Flop Strategy

Flop T♥9♦7♣ Rainbow

SB (caller) Flop pure check OOP (47% Equity)

SB (FLOP) Range Construction

Note we should not have JJ+ AKo AQs+ in our calling range preflop 4bet 3x the 3bet size. but i feel like in my games AK JJ QQ maybe called at some frequency

The callers range SB consists of more Top pairs, weak Ax, low pocket pairs, gutshots, and OESD we have more made hands then BB

BB (3bettor) is mixing betting 60% and checking 40% (53% Equity)

BB (FLOP) Range Construction/Sizings

BB (3bettor) has all the overpairs on this board as SB should 4bet them in theory
BB also has slightly more higher sets and less draws
BB has more 2 pair combos and less straights

68% Pot Sizing

Our betting strategy on this flop is we bet big 68% with our overpairs as to me they need protection with the flop being so coordinated also we are betting our straights and 2pair combos exclusively for this size.

20% Pot Sizing

We mainly use this size with backdoor flush and over cards AJs KJs top set and hands like J7s T6s so mainly our weak drawing hands and we put top set in there to strengthen our range

Note Our main checks consist over low pocket pairs and medium strength value hands

SB vs 68% Pot Sizing

One thing to note is we are never slow playing T♠9♠ no backdoor flush and we are mixing T♣9♣ jamming 45% also T8s is a pure jam also we are mainly jamming KJs with backdoors also 8♥6♥ one combo is pure jamming all other 86s are mixing mainly choosing call

Sets are a pure mix mostly choosing raise 45% pot

We are calling with all our range apart from dominated draws 65s low pairs 22-66 and low suited Ax A2s-A6s these are our folds

SB vs 20% Pot Sizing

We are never jamming vs this size mainly choosing a raise strategy the hands that we were jamming vs the bigger size now just raise close to pot like T9s T8s 86s is mixing same with KJs mostly choosing call or a smaller raise size 40% pot we are also mixing in some offsuit broadways as semi bluffs with backdoor equity and we are now calling all our low pairs

Our folds come from A2s A5s and our dominated draws though 65s is a mix mostly folding 22/33 are folding 22% of the time

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