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Soft NL20 Adjustments - PokerBros Clubs

Hello, I feel like I need to learn more folding discipline at NL20 games on pokerbros. People chase so many draws that get there so often, what kind of adjustments would you guys recommend for this population? Yesterday I faced a turn raise with a set of aces and villain had the one hand that crushed me. Flop was A8Tr, we were 3 way on the flop and I was UTG (vs. BU coldcall and BB call). I fired 2 barrels about 35% and the 66%, (probably too small of a flop sizing) villain in BB checkraised me 2x on the turn and I called, then he half pot donked river and I called and he flipped KJo.

The issue is, some of these players will raise garbage pairs and draws as well on the turn. Was this just an unavoidable situation? Or should I be exploitatively folding a lot to raises like this after they keep barreling?

I'm crushing zoom at micros, but when playing these NL20 tables full of limpers I win a lot of small pots but lose huge pots when the loose players hit their draws.

What kind of adjustments should I be making to this population? Its a very mixed field of competent regs, live players, and online recs. (I already under-bluff when facing resistance).

Obviously calling ranges are quite inelastic, so should I be sizing down on very wet boards and triple barreling for a small size with TPTK? Or sizing up, barreling twice, and giving up on bad rivers?

Any other tips for playing vs theses guys? They don't play quite the same as recs at NL2 and 5, I assume the field has a lot of live poker players

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