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Spot I never take but am curious about

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Spot I never take but am curious about

Live 2-5(no rake game) - playing around Texas card house in Dallas

Table is 1k eff, I am 600 eff

2 limp
HJ raise to 5x from a perceived laggy player

Sb calls
Hero on BB KTss call
Limpers call

Flop 125
Turn 6

Check to Pfr who bets $65
Sb fold and action on hero

Basically the Pfr is probably very capped here, and the two guys on my left also checked twice to him so they are likely capped as well/fold often to a C/R...

Not really sure if this is a spot I should ever take given its 5 way, and if I did, no idea how I would mix it so I don’t over do it in a live setting that doesn’t have a randomizer option. Thoughts ?

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