Straddle pot, tight range, flop/turn sizing

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Straddle pot, tight range, flop/turn sizing

Live 1-3

Bttn Spewy regular straddles Deep
2 limpers
Hero Raise LJ w AdKs to $30 and has a $300 stack
CO calls with a $270 stack(I've played with him before, but its been a while. He is a heavyset man in his 50's, I don't remember exactly his tendencies but think he is on the wider side of things. Think it's reasonable he will have 20-25% of hands here.

Everyone else folds and it's heads up to the Flop of:
Th 3h 4d
Pot = $72 (-$7 rake)

Villain has $240 behind

I think betting this flop very often I think due to the strength of my range and the relative weakness of my opponents makes sense. I did some observation using PIOsolver and it is electing to use a bigger sizing and overbetting JxQx non heart turns. I unfortunately didn't think to simulate for turns that were non broad way.

In hand, I bet $35, and in a Jd turn, I bet $80 and folded to a shove.

I really wasn't certain what to do here, and after the hand was thinking that maybe using a 1/3 sizing and checking AK and barreling weaker draws with less showdown and more equity, KQ and FD's come to mind, and maybe AQ with less showdown. It was in general interesting to see that PIO suggests a largish flop sizing and a strat on the turn thats pretty evenly mixed between shipping and betting 60-70%.

One observation I made was that shipping AK/AQ holding the Ad was a good hand to choose, because it blocks Axdd and AKdd(this guy prob flats AK pre).

I don't really know if any productive discussion will commence from this post, but I found it interesting and thought maybe somebody may have something to add here.

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