Theory: EV in a vacuum vs EV in range

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Theory: EV in a vacuum vs EV in range

Take AA in isolation, it has an EV of X when raising preflop for 3x open.

Take AKs in isolation, it has an EV of Y when raising preflop for a 2.5x open.

Now we merge them into the same range (doesn't matter what size, so 3x for example), does the EV of each hand when combined into one range change? Is it going to be higher than X + Y, about the same, less? If it is less, does it make sense to unmerge them and keep opening them for difference sizes?

Does there exist hands that have negative EV in isolation but has positive EV when merged with AA?

Do hands even have isolated EV? or does EV exist only because of range? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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