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Turn Spot I am having disagreement with

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Turn Spot I am having disagreement with

Live 2-5

So this is aganstt a recreational woman. She seems like not much of a poker player, buys in for $200. I sit out for an orbit after she comes in and i come back and she has $300. Dont know what happened

She limps EP

I raise AQss to $25 in CO/HJ, folds to her and she calls

Flop Q83ddd
She donks $25
I call

Turn Jh
She continues $75 into $100 pot, and has around $225-$250 behind


I think when you really consider her range, I think folding is not out of the question. I asked a couple friends what they think and so far both said they would continue to the river against her profile. I find myself wanting to fold based on two information points. A) she is two barreling into me, B) she sized up on the turn, and my gut tells me that typically when fish are donking a mid strength top pair/hand as a follow up, they use a smaller sizing.

I broke her range down into what I think is reasonable in flopzilla, and it looks like at the very best it is a breakeven call. But if you drop some of the Q9o from her range, or if she isn't donking this size with QT very often, or possibly never with AdXx, then it clearly becomes a fold. It's also plausible that she has even more flushes then I am giving her credit for, which really really hurts our equity.

Am I just being way too tight here, or am I being reasonable? I think I am correct here, but with two people who are solid in the game disagreeing with me, I feel it's possible I am missing something.

Would be most helpful for feedback from those with some live experience, as I think this is drastically different from an online situation, because I think it's very plausible her range is entirely devoid of bluffs here.

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