Two Multi Way Hands

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Two Multi Way Hands

Live 2-5

2 limps
Hero raise AKdd to $30 CO
Folds to limpers who call
First has about $210 remaining
Second has 500
Hero cover

Flop QTT one diamond
Pot $90

Checks to Hero

First limper is an older gentleman who gives off the vibe he is very inexperienced/nervous/clueless.

Second limper I forget the details

I cbet $35 first limper calls, second folds

Turn 4x
It checks thru

Riv 6x
He bets $25 into $165
I sad face call, not even sure if we are getting odds here, but it’s possible against maybe KJ, AJ or same hand?

Not sure we should be betting flop, it’s pretty bad to get jammed on when he has a Tx. We also have a hand that can possibly bluff catch a smallish turn bet with, or turn into a bluff if checked too on turn to get underpairs to fold. Thoughts?

Hand 2

Hero raise KJhh MP to $20 $550eff
Unknown player who I think might be a reg/thinking player calls HJ $550eff
Bb calls $350eff

Flop 532ssh
Pot 55

Bb checks

Should I be cbetting all my overs w the backdoor heart here? I’m a bit concerned with the HJ cold call, however live players do tend to call way wider than what you’d see in tougher pools.

I do have Jx in hand to block JJ call downs, but that still is likely 3b often pre, so not that relevant. I also have all the spade combos, Axhh, Asx, that can start off with a bet. I also like JThh more than this combo to start betting with because of the blockers. As JT has option to run a air ball 3 barrel with blocking TT and any JJ that may be flat pre, and unblocking his spades.

Mainly curious if I am being to passive by not cbetting the KJhh combo here

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