When to edgepass and when to get max chip ev

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When to edgepass and when to get max chip ev

Maybe the wrong foruim,but i think in this forum more very good theorist look, so i post it here .
and its kinda a cashgame probem, cause there is no icm, only a small change, theres some future ev.
cause when we lose our chips, the tournament is over and we cant rebuy like in cashgames. so somtimes
we cant play the max ev line, cause we just fold to wait for a better spot.

im not sure whats the right thinking approach
we play a 250$flash spin,15bb starting stack, 3max,1min blindlevel
when we are headsup vs the fish, wehave maybe 5-10 hands till the
blinds are so high that our edge is gone. so we should choose our action whisely

my question is related to limping trash like 72o,32o
when the fish iso is for example low ,maybe 30% at8bb(gto iso is >55%)
and also his foldvscbet is 70%) this hands for sure are +ev to limp stab
now where im not sure

  1. is it better to foldthese hands, like an edgepass fold, sure we print some
    ev by limp stabbing, but its so small and we have ony 10hands so maybe to
    try to get max chips,we should fold and try to find a better spot cause we dont have much time

  2. even when we only have 10 hands, we should limp stab, cause its +ev
    and we should play these 10 hands wehave in best way

im just not sure which is the right approach. cause both make kinda sense

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