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but doesnt change anyhting when i plug in the numbers again, still -0.44
but guess the last post is now the final right formula and i can start putting in some numbers for some rough estimations

Nov. 13, 2020 | 10:23 p.m.

Comment | ASAP1Z2 commented on EV Formula Limp Stab

So this is the right one?
EV (limpstab) = (DontIso x (FvCbet x 2BB + CallvCbet x -2BB)) + (Iso x -1BB)

As an example
Iso 30%
Fold2cbetwert 60%

(0.7 x (0.6 x 1.5BB + 0.4 x -1.5BB)) + (0.3 x -1BB) = -0.44
So our move would be making 0.06BB more compared to folding.

Nov. 13, 2020 | 9:03 p.m.

Post | ASAP1Z2 posted in NLHE: EV Formula Limp Stab

im looking at some toygame where we are headsup in the sb. when we limp and get iso we lose the hand. when we cbet and get called we lose the hand
is the ev formula for the limpstabtoygame 1,2 or 3. im not sure
1.) EV (limpstab) = (DontIso x (FvCbet x 1.5BB + CallvCbet x -1.5BB)) + (Iso x -0.5BB)
2.) EV (limpstab) = (DontIso x (FvCbet x 1.5BB + CallvCbet x -1.5BB)) + (Iso x -1.5BB)
3.) EV (limpstab) = (DontIso x (FvCbet x 2BB + CallvCbet x -2BB)) + (Iso x -2BB)
and then if ive got the right formula and put some numbers in, every number unter -0.5bb is a +ev play,
cause folding is always -0.5bb, right?

Nov. 13, 2020 | 6:41 p.m.

but when we limp 72o, the fish can iso,so he thinks, on the flop he can donk, so hethinks.
so every hand takes time. how can u be sure a limp stab with 72o is worth invest the time?

to your second point
this shallow therenominraise pots, so pot is usually limppot, so we cant bet 1/3, my std size is min, so 50%pot. if we bet 50%, we must win 33% or more. so if he folds 67% or more we have autoprofit, so my 70% fold2cbet is right? or doihave a thinking error?

March 29, 2020 | 2:37 p.m.

Maybe the wrong foruim,but i think in this forum more very good theorist look, so i post it here .
and its kinda a cashgame probem, cause there is no icm, only a small change, theres some future ev.
cause when we lose our chips, the tournament is over and we cant rebuy like in cashgames. so somtimes
we cant play the max ev line, cause we just fold to wait for a better spot.

im not sure whats the right thinking approach
we play a 250$flash spin,15bb starting stack, 3max,1min blindlevel
when we are headsup vs the fish, wehave maybe 5-10 hands till the
blinds are so high that our edge is gone. so we should choose our action whisely

my question is related to limping trash like 72o,32o
when the fish iso is for example low ,maybe 30% at8bb(gto iso is >55%)
and also his foldvscbet is 70%) this hands for sure are +ev to limp stab
now where im not sure

  1. is it better to foldthese hands, like an edgepass fold, sure we print some
    ev by limp stabbing, but its so small and we have ony 10hands so maybe to
    try to get max chips,we should fold and try to find a better spot cause we dont have much time

  2. even when we only have 10 hands, we should limp stab, cause its +ev
    and we should play these 10 hands wehave in best way

im just not sure which is the right approach. cause both make kinda sense

March 28, 2020 | 11:13 a.m.

Post | ASAP1Z2 posted in Chatter: how to refresh the mind?

the first 2-4h a day my mind is really sharp, but then often i feel drained and bit tired and dazed. tried some stuff like mediation, powernaps, but i just cant get the state of the beeing of a fresh day. which i had some technique to get there.
maybe someone can relate and help .
what are you guys doing to try to refresh your mind

Sept. 25, 2019 | 5:12 p.m.

Thanks BigFiszh, awesome post, love it <3
I did also some Flop Categoriation , like 85% flops in nl are 9xx und higher
Axx 22%,Kxx 18%,Qxx 15%,Jxx 12%, Txx 10%,9xx 7%
so i guess for axx flops u want the lowest drop in bb/100, which is kinda good, cause axx flops are often automatic very suited for simplyfication cause the range advantage.
lower flops like 678s or something are rare, but very bad for simplefication.
so i think i will just try to get 9xx+ flops to a max of 0.5% and lower flops 8xx and below maybe a max 1.5-2% on the flop. still no one can say me if this is good or bad, but at least ive got a startingpoint, that makes logical at least some sense.
the problem im a perfectionist and this is stuff, where perfectionist often slows u down and theres no solution possible and decision paralyze is a very dangerous and frustrating terrain.

Sept. 8, 2019 | 10:25 a.m.

hey, thanks for the answer. really appriciate it, cause on this topic i feel, noone has a good answer. i will def search for your other answer.
but still your answer like 10bb/100 might be a gamechanger is still to vague for me, i still cant do a lot with this.

for example i study atm BTNvsBB 25BB deep, which happen in my format quite often, its like a bread and butter spot
the pot after btn mr , sb fold and bb call is 90 chips
lets take 9s 8s 2d,
IP EV(25,50,75,100) so 4 betsizings mixxed is 62.29
IP EV (25_100%) so 1/4pot 100% is 61.98
so the diffrence is 0.31
*100 = 31
1bb = 20 chips
so from playing a 4 betsizes higly mixxed strat on this board
to a 1/4 pot 100% cbet strat i loose 1.55bb/100
which seems not too much, so that i want to implement the 100% 1/4 cbet strat
but now when i took for example
9c 5c 2s
here is EV diffrence is 0.98
so 4.9bb/100 diffrence
so for this board, a 75% mixxed cbetstrat with roundings yields to a
better ev.
but still my question is kinda unsolved, where to draw the line in these spots
is 5bb/100 a big thing, is 8bb/100 a big thing, should i worry only if its >10bbb/100. so to ask a concrete question, in common spots, which bb/100 diffrence is a gamechanger?

Sept. 7, 2019 | 4:43 p.m.

So u mean 1% of EV diffrence? So for example if the pot is 90 chips and
strat A captures me 70EV and strat B captures 70.8, strat B is okay to choose if its much easier to implement?
also do u know which pro player said that? i can only remember nick howard said something like this when he was working with these bet all flops 33% simplefication in his video courses.

Sept. 4, 2019 | 12:44 p.m.

when i compare 2 simulations which diffrent betsize where sim1 is easy implementbale, sim2 a bit harder but sim2 has a higher ev, lets say 5bb/100 more than sim1,
its hard for me to messure which bb/100 amount is big and which is small if u looking at the bigger picture. so which bb/100 diffrence or ev diffrence i can neglect and when i should be careful .
do you have any rough guideline for this? for example on the flop everyhting about 10bb/100 diffrence in ev is a big thing
i know there are other factors like how many mistakes make the population vs these 2sims, how much they punish a simpler strat and so on, but i just want to solve the ev question here for me.
Because im complete clueless how I messure a bb/100 , ev difference and come to a conclusion if I choose sim1 or sim2

Sept. 4, 2019 | 10:47 a.m.

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