Why i lose? So much work, no results

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Why i lose? So much work, no results

Hi guys. This will be one of those crying threads but i feel like i need to share.

I am working on my game, mostly with solver trying to figure out what and how should i play in certain spots. So far my results looks like:


Even though im under EV 1bb/100 doesnt impress me but i am determined to beat these stakes. Look at my preflop all in:


and flop all in:


Seems like a huge difference.

My question is: how long it may take and how can i know that i can win at this game? I'm aiming at around 5-7bb/100. Anything under will be not enough to play it for living.

Nl50 feels really nitty. I spent many hours watching videos and reading forums but these strategies dont work. I am losing almost every session and its destroying my mental skills.

Maybe could add me to some groupe of players playing same stakes?

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