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Stud 8 betting/calling decision on 7th street

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Stud 8 betting/calling decision on 7th street

Maybe we can awaken some interest in the Stud forum.  I recently picked the game back up and this was an hand I played today.  It seems as if the HH converter is not working with Stud, so here is the Raw HH:

PokerStars Hand #119899523184:  7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Limit ($2/$4 USD) - 2014/08/09 22:04:26 ET

Table 'Iva II' 8-max

Seat 1: JaydaVixen ($43.71 in chips) 

Seat 2: pxc666 ($59.58 in chips) 

Seat 3: Hennin ($40.53 in chips) 

Seat 4: mMagic_cards ($74.79 in chips) 

Seat 8: Claisen ($51.53 in chips) 

JaydaVixen: posts the ante $0.30

pxc666: posts the ante $0.30

Hennin: posts the ante $0.30

mMagic_cards: posts the ante $0.30

Claisen: posts the ante $0.30

*** 3rd STREET ***

Dealt to JaydaVixen [9h]

Dealt to pxc666 [3s]

Dealt to Hennin [4c]

Dealt to mMagic_cards [Ks 4s Ah]

Dealt to Claisen [2s]

Claisen: brings in for $0.75

JaydaVixen: folds 

pxc666: folds 

Hennin: folds 

mMagic_cards: raises $1.25 to $2

Claisen: raises $2 to $4

mMagic_cards: calls $2

*** 4th STREET ***

Dealt to mMagic_cards [Ks 4s Ah] [2c]

Dealt to Claisen [2s] [Ts]

mMagic_cards: bets $2

Claisen: calls $2

*** 5th STREET ***

Dealt to mMagic_cards [Ks 4s Ah 2c] [5h]

Dealt to Claisen [2s Ts] [8h]

mMagic_cards: bets $4

Claisen: calls $4

*** 6th STREET ***

Dealt to mMagic_cards [Ks 4s Ah 2c 5h] [Kd]

Dealt to Claisen [2s Ts 8h] [9d]

mMagic_cards: bets $4

Claisen: calls $4

*** RIVER ***

Dealt to mMagic_cards [Ks 4s Ah 2c 5h Kd] [Td]

mMagic_cards: bets $4

Claisen: raises $4 to $8


So, I am open to comments throughout the hand.  Mostly I was considering 7th.  I think I've potentially made an error betting, but I thought it was likely he'd call with one pair considering my hand looks a lot like a good low.  After the raise I wasn't sure but considering what I was showing I assumed he would never raise without a great high or some sort of combo high/low, none of which one pair beats.

I am just starting back playing Stud8 after a few years off so I'm not really sure how to approach the game from a range perspective.  Instintually betting made more sense, but I'd like to hear other thoughts. 

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