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Table Dynamics Question 6-handed Live $2/$5 NLH

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Table Dynamics Question 6-handed Live $2/$5 NLH

UTG - $500 - Hero - 8c7c
MP - $850 - Loose passive Asian - Usually folds a lot to my raises. Plays really straightforward post flop
CO - $900 - Tight aggressive Asian Kid - Folds a lot to raises and usually open raises. Occasionally will see him open limp MP/call a raise with small SC OOP vs a fish. Saw him do this with 43s
BTN - $600 - Bad Aggressive villain - I want to play as many pots with this guy as possible. On a scale 1-10 of bad aggressiveness, I would say he's a 7. Probably playing 60-70% of hands. He tries to win a lot of pots he plays, and doesn't mind bluffing without much or any equity to win the pot. He "tries too hard" to win
SB - $500 - Old passive guy - Pays off light with top pair. Doesn't like to fold
BB - $1000 - Loose aggressive asian kid - Plays really loose aggressive. Is an alright LAG

My usual opening size is to 4x preflop. A lot of times, I open 87s utg+3 (or utg 6-max) because most villains play sort of passive. I really want to play as many pots as possible with the btn, but he does play back a lot postflop, so it will be hard to capitalize on our equity post flop. It feels like at a 4x size, I would be creating too much dead money. But, if I make it $15 (I have been making it $20 normally), I probably won't get 3-bet a lot, but maybe the bad aggro might play back a whole lot more (or the loose aggro/TAG asian kids).

My auto raising range here: (A8s+, T9s+, KJo+, ATo+, 77+). Probably limp 22+ because of bad aggro on btn.

Should I just fold 87s preflop? Should I limp it? Should I raise to a smaller size? Also, what about A2s-A7s? Should I play any of those?

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