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Okay, thanks Phil! That makes a lot of sense ^.^

Dec. 7, 2018 | 2:37 a.m.

5/5 PLO

Btn fish - $1k
CO straddle - $1k - First hand at table. Very buff guy around age 38-40. When he looked at his hand, I saw an 8 in it lol.
HJ - Hero - $1.1k - AhQhQsJh

CO straddle, Btn limps, folds to Hero, Hero raises to $40, CO calls, Btn calls

Flop($135): Ks Qd 9h
Hero checks, CO bets pot, Btn folds, Hero calls

Turn($405): 3s
Hero checks, CO bets $405, Hero???

There is $825 left in stacks. Don't know anything about this player. If I didn't have the J blocker, I would be snap folding, but whenever I see a really buff middle age guy, I would think more often than not, he could be going crazy here with a TT98 hand or TT8x hand. I did actually see a black 8 in his hand preflop when he didn't guard his hand. So he could have JT8x here exactly, but I'm wondering if you guys 1) Think I have a hand that is profitable to continue with here for call or shove 2) If we didn't see an 8 in his hand, what would you be doing here?

Dec. 7, 2018 | 12:08 a.m.

5/5 PLO
Lo-Jack - Regular - $3k *Pretty solid regular. Better than most live regs. Playing pretty tight preflop. Thinking about ranges and playing good aggressive
HJ - Hero - $1.5k - Ad As 6d 6s

Btn straddle, 3 limps, LJ raises to $60. Hero re-raises to $220, LJ calls.

Flop($480): Kd 3c 9h
LJ checks, Hero checks

Turn: Qd
LJ bets $325, Hero??? So

Preflop standard I think. On the flop with an SPR of around 3, I elect to check back. I feel like with 2 bdfd's, I would maybe just pot/gii. Probably be close, but with just 1, I want to check back. I think villain's range is really strong for potting to $60 from the LJ. I see him in his raising strategy preflop having 2 sizes, 1 smaller raise size and 1 potting preflop size. So I think on this board, he has a lot of hands like KKxx, KQJTss or KQJTds, KQ98ds, ect...So I check back.

On the turn, you guys might find it silly I am considering anything but calling, but vs JT or KK here, I have around 19% vs JT and KK. That means doing the math, I need to win around .98 pot size bets on the river to break even. But after I call the turn, I think a lot of villains will put me on AA w/ diamonds. I think the perception is that KK would bet the flop a lot. AAJT from me would probably be just betting flop. So I am pretty pessimistic that he would be c/c'ing basically at least half pot on the river often enough to where I make money in the long run. Plus, if the river is a 3d or 9d, I have very bad visibility and could still be beat or it would be very difficult to give value from worse on that card. It is possible a 3 could come and it goes check/check and I win, but that's assuming that if I have the best hand on a 3, that he doesn't bluff river and push me off the best hand. What do guys think?

Dec. 6, 2018 | 11:57 p.m.

Okay thanks guys. I ended up being good against the CO, but the utg limper had QQ and overcalled my turn jam haha. But from what you guys said, doesn't sound like my jam was too bad.

Dec. 5, 2018 | 1:55 p.m.

Okay. As played with the c/r line, do you think its better to c/r to a size like I did to $21 or c/r pot?

Nov. 25, 2018 | 10:58 p.m.

Global Poker

Stack sizes on flop:
BB - $48.75 - Hero - Ac5c5h8h
UTG - $52.45 - Limping recreational player - No reads
CO - $95 - Losse passive recreational player

UTG limps, CO raises to $2.25, Hero calls, UTG calls

Flop: ($7) Kc Qd 5s
BB checks, UTG checks, CO bets $7, Hero calls $7, UTG calls $7

Turn: ($28) 7h
BB checks, UTG checks, CO bets $14, Hero???

Hero has $39.50 left behind. Should we be calling, folding, or jamming here?

Preflop, I generally play pretty tight from the blinds, but trying to open up a little bit more and this hand seems like a profitable defend with an Ace high suit and set potential. But it gets a little dicy on this texture. If this a good defend preflop?

On the flop, I face a pot size bet. I consider folding, but a lot of KQ combos could potential play like this too, so I feel like calling flop and folding to another large bet on the turn. The utg limper calls which could possible be a slow play with QQ or KK, but can also be KQ or any number of straight draws.

On the turn, we check to the PFR and he bets half pot. This makes me feel a little better about my hand since a lot of recreational players will bet a sizing in accordance to their hand strength, but its still possible he could have a higher set, but be trying to price in smaller ones and 2 pairs since their isn't a lot of money left behind. Here, should I be jamming for value from KQ? Or just calling and seeing how it plays how? Which seems a little weird because we will def have some bad visibility on some rivers? What do yal think about this spot?

Nov. 25, 2018 | 5:12 p.m.

Global Poker 50 PLO

Stack Sizes Flop:
BB - $75 - Recreational player
UTG - Hero - $50.73 - Qh Qs 4h 3s
Btn - 82.40 Recreational Player

Hero raises to $1.75, Btn calls $1.75, BB calls $1.25

Flop: ($5.50) Qc 8h 6d
BB checks, Hero checks, Btn bets $5.50, BB calls $5.50, Hero raises to $21, Btn calls, BB folds

Turn: ($53) 9c

Preflop standard.

On the flop, without backup really I decided to check 3-way and go for a c/r if IP bet. That way I can dramatically lower the SPR and deny quite a bit of equity. What I'm unsure about with the line I took if its better to c/r pot to $27.50 or if my sizing is alright to $21? Am I giving too good of a price to call for hands like JT9x?

On the turn, there is $53 in the middle and I have $29.73 behind. 3 different straights completed, so he will probably have a straight pretty often. If I check, I feel if he has a worse hand, he's probably very often checking back and I don't really induce too much, but maybe he just goes ahead and sticks it in with a hand like 9887? But if I bet, I think lower sets with a SD will definitely call it off? Should I be just jamming here, C/c'ing, or C/foldind? Should I have just pot'ed it on the flop to make my turn decision easier, or was my sizing better in the long run to make sure worse hands than mine continue to the turn?

Nov. 25, 2018 | 4:55 p.m.

Global Poker 50 PLO

Stack Sizes on Flop:
MP - Hero - $48.50 - As Kc Th 7s
Btn - $47.50
SB - $33.50
BB - $47.25
UTG limper - $159.75

*All the other players in the pot are recreational players. Not too many reads yet in 2nd orbit

UTG limps, Hero raises to $2.25, Btn calls, SB calls, BB calls, UTG calls

Flop: ($11.25) Ah Ks 8d
Checks to Hero, Hero bet $5.75

Should Hero be c-betting here for protection/value? Hero can get called maybe by A8 and QJTx, but other than that, prob only hands like sets will be continuing. Hero doesn't have much back up if someone has a set, but we probably have good equity I imagine on the flop, and don't necessarily want players to catch up to a hand like an OESFD on the turn or hitting a set. I bet half pot here, but open to hear arguments for other sizings. What do yal think about this spot?

Nov. 24, 2018 | 4:21 p.m.

Global Poker 50 PLO
SB - $51 Recreational Player I’ve seen limp a few times
BB - $50 - Hero - As Qs 8s 5c

SB raise to $1.50, Hero calls $1.00

Flop ($3.00) Kc Qd 5h
SB bets $3.00, Hero?

Im debating whether to call or fold, but fold seems way too tighter on flop, but could I just fold flop. If I calk flop and face a turn barrel, then I’m basically folding turn. Even if he has wrap hand and pots turn, Im prob still out. What do yal think?

Nov. 23, 2018 | 7:01 p.m.

Global Poker 50 PLO:
CO - $78 - Aggro Fish Player
BTN - $50 - Tight Aggressive Regular in these games playing on 4 tables
BB - $62 - Hero - Ad Jd Ts 9d

CO raises to $1.75, Btn calls $1.75, Hero calls $1.25

Flop ($5.23) Jh 8d 4c
BB checks, CO checks, Btn bets $3.50, Hero raises to $12, Btn raises to $38, Hero?

So, preflop my hand seems good enough to defend, especially with JT9 doing well multi-way and having a nut suit even though we have 3 diamonds. On the flop, I think its better to check because with the dry texture, it would make sense for CO and Btn's range to have nuttier wrap hands on this board and have more equity overall. But I decide to check, and the PFR checks and the btn bets $3.50. I can see him doing this with QQ, KK hands, 2p, sets, wraps, TP + GS, SD + 2 BDFD's. My first big question here is do you think its better to check raise here or to call? My decision here was to check raise, because I think we can get a lot of folds from overpairs without much backup. Some top pairs without too much going on, and maybe if he is over stabbing IP with air. If he calls, I would think on a turn card that is too scary, I could bet him off his draw. I would expect a lot more hands from him to connect with the J and the 8 vs the 8 and the 4, so even though I would be super thrilled by a 5 or a 6, I might be jamming turn on some of those. Not too sure honestly on my game plan on every runout, but with a lot of pot equity against most hands, blocking his most likely set, JJ, and be able to capture some immediate fold equity from hands like KK/QQ, I feel check raising can't be too bad, but I'm interested in your thoughts or different opinions.

Now, worst case scenario happens, and he re-raises pretty big. Do we call/call here or go ahead and rip it? Vs a set we have in the ball park of 27-30% equity. Vs KQJ8, we have 54% equity. Vs QJT9 we have 66% equity. A lot of more regular players here can be pretty fishy, and don't put it past them to be doing something funky at 50 PLO, but looking for you guy's thoughts.

Nov. 17, 2018 | 8:56 p.m.

Thanks for your reply! That makes a lot of sense and I like your approach. Maybe if I was super certain in #1 My opponents are bluffing enough whenever I check back to make a higher EV check back/call line and #2 My own abilities in playing well if I checked back, maybe checking back would be better. But, betting 50-60% pot makes a lot of sense to me know like your saying because I prevent myself from making mistakes in the hand while also taking a clearly profitable line. There is also the X factor and if my opponent is calling way wider than they should OOP, then I have even higher EV than I expect when betting. Didn't think of it posting it, but I can def see a lot of fish calling bare QT and T8 on this board too with not much else. Run into it all the time. Will def add this strategy to my game. Thanks again.

Nov. 12, 2018 | 2:44 p.m.

Your welcome. Really in love with the game and hungry to get better. A lot of the high stakes Live NLH action in Florida has dried up and the games are pretty reggy, so looking to transition to playing PLO. NLH has gotten really stale for me too and pretty boring, so I find just the whole learning process and thinking through the theory very enjoyable :) Btw, when replying to a post, how do you TAG someone so there name is highlighted?

Nov. 12, 2018 | 2:34 p.m.

Ignition Poker:
Btn - $47.00 - Loose splashy fish
SB - $50.00 - Hero - As 7c 2d Ah
BB - $14.55 - Don't know too much, but seems like a rec player playing loose preflop

Btn raises to $1.45, Hero calls $0.95, BB raises to $5.80, Btn calls $5.80, SB raises to $23.20, BB goes all-in, Btn calls

Flop: ($57.45) Tc 7d 6s

Hero has $26.30 left behind, slightly less than half. Villain could have some rundown hands I'm basically dead against if he has 98. I think he is calling widely. I def would like to deny equity from a hand like AKQT, or KQJT by shoving. But with so much money in the middle, I'm prob not getting those hands to fold. Vs KKQT, I'm doing really well against, but could get him to fold that equity. Not sure if I check though, how often he will actually try to bluff with the BB already all in. Should I be shoving to deny equity, or be check/folding here?

Nov. 10, 2018 | 4:33 p.m.

Thank you too by the way for responding to a lot of my posts. I really appreciate it!

Nov. 10, 2018 | 2 p.m.

Okay, what would be your game plan on the flop? If a rec player donks and PFR or Btn calls, you would just call here with 8 clean outs and 4 set cards (helps though hitting a set and blocking the straight with other pair)?

I guess the way I was looking at it is from a Hold'em player mentality. Your right, I would say I am definitely overestimating my fold equity. On first guess, I thought my FE was maybe around 15-20% in hand. I'm just okay, I have around 42% equity and my equity is really good vs a set or two pair, so if I get folds 15-20%, its pretty profitable. But maybe realistically vs the wide ranges in play, maybe I have 5-7% FE on flop? Even so, I would be slightly profitable I would think? But if it is, it seems very close to break even. I'm guessing check/calling and seeing a turn is more profitable? You get to see if the board is going to pair or if you hit your hand, maybe keeping in more players?

From Holdem, not really used to playing cautiously when I have that much equity. Just used to playing super aggro. I think I'm a little confused understanding the profitability here in the different directions the game tree will take c/c'ing here. say if you c/c vs one player and the turn comes a 3. Would you donk lead here? What about vs a fish donk + PFR call IP and turn is a 3? Would you lead or check?

Nov. 10, 2018 | 2 p.m.

So basically your saying betting 1/2 pot or slightly bigger is the better option. It only needs to work 33% - 40% depending on your sizing and with the Ad, you have a really good blocker to their continuing range. How often (%) do you think villain has a flush here on the turn?

Nov. 10, 2018 | 1:46 p.m.

BB - $50 - Hero 7c7s8s8d
UTG - $38 - Limper
MP - $48 - Limper
CO - $63 - Tight aggressive player
BTN - $42 - Around 44/26 stats

Ignition Poker:

UTG limps, MP limps, CO raises to $2.75, Btn calls, Hero calls BB, UTG calls, MP calls

Flop (~$13) Qs 6d 5h
Hero bets $13


Alright...just had to be funny with the title haha. But seriously, wondering if donk pot/calling here is a good play? I think most players will fold 1 pair+ here and our equity vs a set is 41% and vs 2p 42%. If we have no fold equity, we need 44.44% pot equity to stack off here. Do you think we get enough folds to pot here? Or do you think its more +EV to try and check ship here? The only problem is if everyone plays straight up in this 5-way pot and checks to the preflop raiser, then he will probably be checking a lot and the Btn will prob check at a high freq though.

Nov. 9, 2018 | 10:39 p.m.

I found a pretty good resource here!

Nov. 9, 2018 | 1:27 p.m.

Okay, I like that. What would be your turn sizing? If your betting for protection mostly and setting yourself a good price, are you betting 1/3rd pot here? Or half pot? If we bet 1/3rd pot or 1/2 pot and the river is a Q, I'm guessing we would "bluff" this hand, but if the river is say a 2, then we would check?

Also, I know you think its more +EV to bet small on turn/check back river with this particular hand than to pot/pot, but if we did pot/pot with blockers, do you think we win money in the long run doing that or are we spewing money?

Nov. 9, 2018 | 1:23 p.m.

Ignition Poker:
UTG - $35 Roughly 55/30 over 1-2 orbits
Btn - $62 (Hero) Ad Qh 9h Jc
BB - $50 - Roughly 50/18 over 2-3 orbits

UTG raises to $1.75, Hero calls btn, BB calls

Flop ($5.37) Jd 9d 4s
BB checks, UTG checks, Btn bets $3.86, BB calls.

Turn ($13.09) 5d
BB checks, Hero???

Preflop my play could be a little questionable. I played this hand yesterday and don't remember the exact stats and forgot to take a picture (my laptop with hand converter software is getting repaired. Doing my best taking pictures of replayer). Utg seemed to have a loose range, and both blinds seemed like recreational players where I could play my position well. Maybe this hand is just a fold though without the A high suit. I know if I had the J high suit, I would snap fold preflop. Even if it is a bad preflop call, I think the theme of the hand postflop is interesting.

My main question is what are the strongest made hands in Hero's range with the single NF blocker that Hero should start bluffing with on the turn here? Villain defends 3-way vs my flop c-bet OOP, so I know his range is probably strong here. He probably has quite a few weak flushes with a pair+gs or medium flushes with the K high flush or Q high flush. I block J9xx with my hand but he probably is weighted more towards hands like KQT9, QT98, KJT8. I guess there is a lot more combos of single suit hands like this that don't necessarily have 2 diamonds, but I feel like villain could have a lot of basically every K high diamonds and Q high diamonds hands in his range, and all the low ones that have other components. Thinking about it rationally, my guess would be his range is like 50-66% flushes on this turn and 33-50% pair+wrap hands. From a game theory perspective, I imagine if I bluff this hand, I would be theoretically over bluffing. But, I don't like the idea of checking back where he could auto bluff his missed wrap hands. I guess I'm giving up the pot if he bets because I would assume the population maybe only bluffs the river 50% of the time, and villain could potentially check a weak two pair that doesn't have much showdown instead of bluffing (like 95). I also, have the NF blocker, so its possible he could even fold the K high flush on the river to a pot bet (maybe a 50% freq). Probably the Q high one at a 50-75% frequency. And probably low flushes at a 70-90% freq. Do you think I am overestimating my fold equity, or do you think I'm about right?

What do you guys think about this spot?

Nov. 8, 2018 | 3:13 p.m.

Hi there. Quick question for you guys! Studying in monker and PPT, I want to increase my vocabulary of short hand searches for PLO hands. Do you know a good link to a resource to learn this or could you list some of the most helpful ones below? Thank you!

Nov. 8, 2018 | 1:53 p.m.

MP - $37.50 - 50/25 over 10 hands
Btn - $71.22 (Hero) - Kd Ks 5d 8h

MP raises to $1.75, Btn raises to $6.00, MP calls $4.25

Flop ($12.00) Jh 5c 2h
MP checks, Btn bets $8.00, MP raises all-in for $31.50, Btn?

Preflop I had a limited sample vs this player, but since I don't have super good KKxx, I thought 3betting and pushing my equity advantage preflop and isolating this player would be a good idea. My main question here though, is what kind of strategy do you like in this spot? From a pseudo-optimal approach, maybe betting $7 would be good so we set up stacks for a $24 turn shove into $28 on good turns with our range? From an exploitative approach with our exact hand, would it be a good strategy to bet half pot for $6, and fold to the jam? Or bet bigger like $10-$12 and not fold to the jam. I'm not really too confident in this spot on my bet/stacking off ranges. Some bare Jxxx hands have 42% equity vs us. Theoretically if we had AQJ9ds without a backdoor FD at this SPR, we would need 42% equity to stack off on the flop, but wouldn't have it because our opponent could have us dominated. That means hands like that should fold and betting KKxx here can deny a huge amount of equity from those hands. But Jxxx with a FD has roughly 65% equity.

I guess thinking about it critically, blank Jxxx without a FD should probably vs population betting 50% pot, since population is not showing up with a ton of bluffs after 3betting, calling ranges can we wide from recreational players, so maybe betting 50% here sounds like a good option, because you can fold easier to a c/r without putting yourself in a marginal spot to need to call it off, but you may be more likely to get value from QQxx as well and Jxxx too. What are you guys' thoughts on this spot? Would your answer change at all with the same hand, but Ad As 5d 8h?

Nov. 8, 2018 | 3:54 a.m.

Okay. Thank you! Your analysis is super helpful and makes a lot of sense. Your reasoning about the flop makes sense too. If we had SPR of 2 on the river, what sizing would you be bet/folding for? And were right, ended up having QQxx.

Nov. 7, 2018 | 12:56 p.m.

Ignition Poker:
CO - $50 - (Hero) As 5s 6d 5d
Btn - $28 - 50/25 over 4 hands
SB - 38.50 - 50/25 over 4 hands

Hero raises to $1.75, Btn calls $1.75, SB calls, BB folds.

Flop (Qs 2s 7h) ~$5.50
SB checks, Hero bets $2.22, Btn calls $2.22

Turn (~$9.50) 4s
Hero bets $5.18, Btn calls

River ($18.87) 4c
Hero checks, Btn shoves all in for $19.86, Hero???

So first and foremost, my software for downloading the hand histories is on my windows laptop that is getting fixed right now (I overheated it and something blew running too many Pio sims). I took a picture of the river situation and stats, and estimating betting amounts. I know I bet around 40% pot on the flop 3-way and barreled 55-60% pot on turn. Then, faced a pot shove on the river.

What do you guys think about the flop c-bet sizing? Nick Johnson posted on one of my forum posts about betting 1/3rd pot in some situations multi-way, and do yal think this is the spot to do it? I actually think it might not be in this situation. If we take a flop 2/3rds sizing, we can probably get a lot of Qx from the btn to fold on the flop, where by betting small they will call a lot. But by betting small, we probably keep in a lot more FD's that we are dominating that we can get value from later on, where with the weak Qx hands, if our opponent doesn't improve to 2p on the turn, we can probably bet him off of those. What do yal think?

Turn is a standard value bet. I feel villain is probably calling turn with sets, made flushes, and maybe hands like AKQ7 with Ks. Also, maybe true for AKQ4 with Ks. Maybe he could float KKxx with Ks. On the river, the 4 pairs improving small freq Q4 combos and QQ, 77. 77 can prob be in his preflop range more often if he is a recreational player. Don't know yet with my 4 hand sample. If he's really fish, maybe he could be value shoving a King high flush, but he is probably shoving a lot of boats and Ks bluff hands, but not sure how much those are represented in a random 50 PLO player on Ignition. It feels like to me this is a gross fold against maybe a population without enough bluffs here, but needing to be good only around 32% of the time, do yal think this is good enough to call? If we have the Nut flush with a Q, would this be an easy bluff catcher?

Nov. 6, 2018 | 3:37 p.m.

Okay. Thanks! That makes a lot of sense. If you bet 1/3rd pot here for $1.66 and the CO raises to say $6.00, what would be some of the bottom hands of your defending range from a GTO perspective and from a practical perspective? I understand balance isn't as important on Ignition, but I think it would be helpful to understand this spot better and give me more confidence in betting small if I'm thinking "okay, it's fine folding this hand to a raise, because I know I'm defending all of these hands to the flop raise". Also, understanding I would need to defend GTO wise would help me make decisions vs a random regular player implementing a small bet strategy on this board.

$6 / ($6+$6.59) = $6/$12.59 = 47.65%

Me and SB have to defend 52.35%. That means we probably need to defend around 40-43% because more of burden to defend falls on us. If we only continued hands like (sets, 78+, T2p, TP+GS+2bdfd's), I'm guessing we would be folding too much? Do you know how far this would be deviating from GTO? Practically speaking, besides the hands I listed above, is there any other hands you think would be practically +EV here vs random fish on Ignition flop raising to $6?

I also posted another c-betting post. I'm guessing your strategy 3-way there with TPTK would be similar? Betting 1/3rd pot? I also do have Monker Solver with the Jnandez summer sim pack I am going through. Can't look it up atm because my Windows laptop I grind on is getting fixed. Blew out something with the battery running so many PioSolver sims for NLH haha.

Nov. 4, 2018 | 8:56 p.m.

Ignition Poker:
Stack sizes on Flop:
SB - $41.42 - 18/9 over 45 hands
HJ - $98.17 (Hero) Ah Kh Kd 3s
CO - $30.38 - 50/15 over 26 hands

Hero raises to $1.75, CO calls, SB calls, BB folds

Flop ($4.93) Jh 6d 5c
SB checks, Hero???

I know that 3-way, I feel inclined to bet here because I can get Jx to call, protect my hand, and by checking I probably will have to fold on many turn cards. I also have a bdfd, and increases my EV of c-betting. I'm always super uncomfortable in situations like this because when I bet and btn playing half his hands calls, I'm not really liking most turns, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, T, Q, A. Does this mean I should be checking the flop? These c-betting and street projection situations are definitely what is the trickiest part for me in my game.

Nov. 4, 2018 | 6:47 p.m.

Stack Sizes on Flop:
SB - 50.34 - 88/38 over 8 hands
UTG - $53.83 - 91/31 over 68 hands
MP - $49.25 (HERO) AhQhJsTc

*Seat 4 is a very splashy player and bad post flop. He bet turn after I checked back HU as PFR on KQJTtt with bare QJxx and called a big flop raise.

UTG limps, Hero raises to $2.25, SB calls $2.00, UTG calls $1.75

Flop: ($6.39) Qc 6c 3s
SB and UTG check, Hero???

I wondering what you guys think is the best strategy for Hero on this board? Should we c-bet or not?

Pro's for C-betting:
-Hero has a top pair blocker and a Tc blocker vs some FD
-Collect money in pot and fold out equity
-Worse hands like KQxx can call

Con's for C-betting:
-We probably have to fold to a check/raise and fold a lot of equity where if we turn 2p, we could probably get in a lot of money in good.
-On a club or straightening card, we probably have to check back, then it is easy to get bluffed off the best hand
-We build the pot size bigger than we want to play right now.

A lot of these spots 3-way with a weak top pair whether to c-bet or not are definitely some of the weakest parts of my game. Always not too sure what to do here.

Nov. 4, 2018 | 6:35 p.m.

Filmed a session of me grinding 50 PL yesterday and posted it on YouTube. Felt I played pretty well, but sure there is spots I could improve upon. Will be posting up more videos, and would love to go over some of them in a review session, either discussing hands on Skype one-on-one, starting a Skype group, or joining someones. Look forward to talking poker with yal!

Nov. 4, 2018 | 4:47 p.m.

Btw, what would you recommend using to look at range vs range equity or hand vs range equity, Odds oracle or PLOcalc? I'm considering buying one or the other?

Nov. 1, 2018 | 7:25 p.m.

Hi guys. I transitioned from playing NLH professionally for 6 years grinding midstakes and highstakes and I am looking for like-minded people to go over sessions with and talk theory. My goal is to start grinding 10/20 PLO on Ignition within a year and a half. I have filmed some sessions of mine and want to talk spots. I'm getting my windows laptop fixed, but once I get it back, I also have Monker Solver as a study tool to help discussion. I want to get a good study group going maybe and for us all to advance and play higher stakes online together. I grew up as one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game players in the world, and I think having a mastermind group is absolutely essential. If your interested, pm me or message me on Facebook (

Nov. 1, 2018 | 6:41 p.m.

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